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One Thousand From One Thousand

Updated Feb 2, 2017

Dear Alumni,

Greetings to you!

As one of our esteemed alumni, we congratulate you on the high level of success and fulfillment you have attained. We like to believe that your U.P. education has a remarkable impact not only on your career but also in shaping you into the person you are now.

As alumni of the Department of Zoology, the Department of Botany or the Institute of Biology, we share the common experience of a unique learning environment that was rigorous, challenging and highly rewarding, yet enjoyable and fun to reminisce about.

As our alumnus, we invite you to share in supporting the Institute of Biology's urgent needs to sustain a Biology program that complements our student's capabilities and expectations and the country's demand for high caliber human resources in science and technology. You must agree that facilities and equipment have to be constantly upgraded to maintain cutting edge teaching and research environments especially at this time when the Institute has moved to the brand new building, as part of the National Science Complex of UP Diliman. Faculty and student morale have to be kept constantly high.

However, government funds are sadly inadequate. Hence, we appeal for your assistance, whatever your generosity and resources will permit. We are reviving our fund raising endeavor called 1K from 1K which aims to raise at least P1,000.00 each from 1,000 alumni. And we request you to be our worthy partner in this endeavour. We started this in the early months of 2013 when the rooms of the old buildings of the Institute were becoming so run-down and very challenging to use as offices or teaching/lab rooms. Practically all collections then were donated to the Institute and went into repairs just to make the rooms useable. However, when Yolanda struck last November 2013, we then had to channel all fund raising efforts to the support of the BS Biology students from UP Tacloban who were victims of the calamity. Thus, the 1K from 1K was shelved and has not been revisited until now.

We look forward to your favorable response to this invitation to give something back to U.P. beloved, specifically to the institution that nurtured you in your undergraduate years. We also invite you to visit the IB in its new building. Pay a visit to the faculty lounge which also serves as alumni room. Our website is

Maraming Salamat po!

On behalf of the Institute of Biology Alumni of UP Diliman (IBA-UPD).

President, IBA-UPD

Head, Fund Raising Committee, IBA-UPD

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